A Children’s House

New Farm Montessori is a certified child care home located in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood of North Portland (license #CF501195) serving children age 2.5 – 6 years since 2005.

We offer an authentic Montessori preschool program for young children in a safe, nurturing, peaceful home environment. We provide space in which to explore, the tools with which the child will discover the world, and gentle guidance along the way. We understand that each child is an individual with different interests, preferences, needs and goals. We support each child’s holistic development by offering opportunities, activities and experiences which inspire, intrigue, educate and enlighten. We value kindness, compassionate communication, empathy and respect and model these values in order to encourage positive behavior and enhance the social awareness of each child.

New Farm Montessori welcomes a mixed age group of children age 2.5-6 years. Montessori education is a combination of child-initiated and teacher guided activities and experiences. We incorporate practical life tasks such as cooking and gardening, caring for ourselves and our environment, with artistic exploration and creative play. We provide a full range of sensorial, language, math and science activities which support each child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. 

We serve organic vegetarian snacks and meals centered around fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other non-meat protein sources. We provide fresh, homemade food that is locally grown to the extent possible. Our menu changes monthly to reflect the availability of local produce and to offer a variety of healthful foods. 

Our garden gives the children opportunities to plant, dig, harvest, tend chickens and to experience the range of weather and seasons we enjoy in the Pacific Northwest. The children participate in planting, watering, harvesting and preparing much of the food we eat. In this way they become aware of the environment in a deeply profound way and gain respect for our earth and our role as stewards of the environment. 

We are committed to caring for our earth. We use only environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies and art materials. The children use cloth napkins and place mats for snacks and meals, and cloth towels for cleaning up spills. Our program has been certified EcoHealthy by the Oregon Environmental Council since 2005.

“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education.”

-Dr. Maria Montessori